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Grade 7 Integers Unit

Grade 7 Adding and Subtracting Integers

It is the start of October so that means it is the start of our integers unit! Grade 7’s will spend the next few weeks learning how to add and subtract integers. This can be a tricky unit but is one of the most fundamental skills. Integers are needed for algebra and many more units moving through junior high and high school. 

Learning with Pictures

We will start the unit using manipulatives and pictures. Using counters and number lines is a great way to introduce the skill of adding and subtracting. It allows students to really understand what’s going on with each integer problem. Counters allow students to understand the meaning behind zero pairs ( ex -1 + 1 =0). Number lines allow students to visualize and estimate an answer to a problem before solving. Ultimately the goal is to not need these manipulatives, but it is necessary to strengthen students' understanding of adding and subtracting integers. If they ever get stuck solving a problem they will always have these pictures to fall back on. You can find videos of both these skills here:

Solving with Numbers

Once we have mastered manipulatives, students will be solving integer problems symbolically and without a calculator. We will be practicing these in class with the use of card games and traditional worksheet activities. 

Practice Practice Practice

Extra practice at home would be very beneficial. I have linked mad minute type activities and worksheets on my website.

You can challenge your child to a game of adding integers war. There are also great games online:


Have Fun!

Mrs. Sonnenberg 


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